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Wait Chapel

1834 Wake Forest Road Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Wait Chapel is the largest non-athletic indoor setting on the Reynolda Campus with a seating capacity of 2,250.  Wait Chapel is the spiritual center and the focal point of the university.  Gardens located on either side of the entrance to the chapel provide a beautiful background for wedding pictures.


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Wake Forest Baptist Church Sunday Worship

Wake Forest Baptist Church Sunday Worship 2/14 11:00am


Weekly progressive Baptist worship service where all are welcome - no exceptions!

Truth, Lies, and Politics: Ideology, Rationality, and Choice in an Election Year

Truth, Lies, and Politics: Ideology,... 2/16 7:00pm

Speakers, Conference / Panel / Academics, Communication, Philosophy, Administrative, Sustainability, Academic Centers / Institutes, Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability

“The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment.”...

Founders' Day Convocation

Founders' Day Convocation 2/18 4:00pm

Academic Calendar / Registrar, Administrative, Provost

Each year, the Wake Forest family gathers for the Founders' Day Convocation to observe the University's founding in February of 1834. Wake Forest will hold...

TEDxWakeForestU - 2016

TEDxWakeForestU - 2016 2/20 12:00pm

Conference / Panel / Administrative, Office of Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship

From tech security and human trafficking, to food safety and campus security, Wake Forest’s 5th annual TedX event speakers will address various safety and...

Wake Forest Baptist Church Sunday Worship

Wake Forest Baptist Church Sunday Worship 2/21 11:00am


Weekly progressive Baptist worship service where all are welcome - no exceptions!

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Stacy McElroy

Stacy McElroy left a positive review 9/2/2015

I really enjoyed the panel for their understanding of the history and emotional component of racial inequality and white supremacy in America. However, I felt that as a graduate student, many undergrads in attendance seemed to be there to fill a requirement. I think that undercuts the importance of this event.

Wendette Walker

Wendette Walker left a positive review 10/9/2014

Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Wayne Silver

Wayne Silver left a positive review 11/19/2014

I'm on the faculty. It was eye-opening. I knew there was a problem, I just didn't know how big a problem there is. To me this trumps all other problems on campus.

Jim Rae

Jim Rae left a review 11/19/2014

The time given to the panel was to long which took away a great deal of the time from the students who are the primary reason for the Town Hall Meeting. I would also like to see the ground rules set before we start the meeting not as we go. thank you.

Cindy W.

Cindy W. left a positive review 10/9/2014

I have never heard of this group!
I hope they will be invited back to campus (or in the local area)!
They were AWESOME!!!
I must find and get a copy of their CD!!!

Sara Dahill-Brown

Sara Dahill-Brown left a positive review 10/1/2013

Michelle Alexander is a tremendous scholar and an important voice with a powerful, timely message. I am gratified the university brought her to speak.

Ethan Groce

Ethan Groce left a positive review 10/1/2013

Professor Alexander spoke beautifully and powerfully on current issues of race and my evening was well spent!

Loretta Meyer

Loretta Meyer left a positive review 9/12/2013

Fantastic! They played a variety of music and wonderful songs. I wanted to buy a CD but could not get near the table. Judging from the audience, everyone enjoyed it, I know my husband and I surely did.

Sarah Boerkircher

Sarah Boerkircher left a positive review 9/12/2013

I still can't get over the talent of the Carolina Chocolate Drops! It was an incredible show.

Wait Chapel

Wait Chapel posted a photo 8/6/2013

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