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Reynolds Gymnasium, Winston-Salem, NC 27109, USA

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Flu Shots 2020


Flu Shots 2020


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Mella Tesfazgi

Mella Tesfazgi left a positive review 12/9/2019

Matt and Jessica and everyone involved did a tremendous job! Thank you for your hard work!

Bethany Morrison

Bethany Morrison left a positive review 12/9/2019

I just wanted to mention that I really appreciated how The Demon Deacon mascot (and also Santa) interacted with my toddlers. I know that both Santa and the Deacon would have scared my kiddos if they had tried to pick them up, hug them, came too close too fast. They had never seen anything like them and the party was already overwhelming for them. Both Santa and the Deacon gave them plenty of space, but still had a good interaction with them. I hope that their supervisors know what a good job they did. :-)

Sutton Center

Sutton Center posted a photo 7/7/2016