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Duo Recital

Duo Recital 9/9 7:30pm

Arts & Entertainment, Music / Academics, Music

Dan Skidmore, violin Mary Ann Bills, piano

Faculty Four

Faculty Four 10/4 7:30pm

Arts & Entertainment, Music / Academics, Music

Music for various combinations of woodwinds and voice, including works by Aaron Copland, Gordon Jacob, Paul de Wailly, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Malcolm...

Flute Fest

Flute Fest 10/9 3:00pm

Arts & Entertainment, Music / Academics, Music

Kathryn Levy, director The concert will feature WFU Flute Choir, solo performances by Wake Forest flute students, and the Silver Wind Flute Choir of...

Fall Choral Concert

Fall Choral Concert 10/19 7:30pm

Arts & Entertainment, Music / Academics, Music

Conductor, Brian Gorelick The Fall Choral Concert will be a combined appearance by the Wake Forest Concert Choir and the Collegium Musicum Vocal Ensemble in...

Recent Events

2016 4T Roadshow 7/13/2016

2016 4T Roadshow 6/29/2016

What is Love? 5/2/2016

Orchestra Concert 4/27/2016

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Sharon Anderson

Sharon Anderson left a positive review 4/24/2016

I enjoyed the talent of both the Reagan High School Wind Ensemble and the Wake Forest Wind Ensemble. Having the composer of the majority of the works present was an exceptional treat. It isn't often that the musicians are able to connect with the composer and even more rare for the audience. I especially enjoyed the tuba solo and then Anthony O'Toole joining the stage as a percussionist in the finale.

Dwight Lewis

Dwight Lewis left a positive review 4/6/2016

Great play ... the actors did a good job displaying the difficult social/personal issues many people face today. I really enjoyed it. I think James Ward is a Star in the making.

Jim Norris

Jim Norris left a positive review 1/31/2016

They are very talented

Cassiel Smith

Cassiel Smith left a positive review 1/17/2016

GospelFest was amazing! Jonathan McReynolds did a great job, both with the small discussion group and during his concert.

Calvin Bradford

Calvin Bradford left a review 10/7/2014

To much complaining how are we going to feed the planet?


Elena left a positive review 4/23/2015

Everyone in the company is so talented and the choreography was amazing!!!

Anne Davenport

Anne Davenport left a positive review 4/16/2015


Anne Davenport

Anne Davenport left a positive review 3/17/2015


Kathleen Hutton

Kathleen Hutton left a positive review 3/19/2015

Very stimulating; I admit I had a preconception about design as a systems receiver for the fine arts, liberal art, and the marketplace but this was more radical and far more interesting-- rather than a retrofit to the academy, I think he suggests a complete reboot with making and things as fundamental/ inherent to human development

Hannah Witner

Hannah Witner left a positive review 3/19/2015

This was the best lecture I have been to at WFU so far. I was very impressed by the research and information that Mr. Tonkinwise presented, and it was very exciting to see the kinds of ideas that are circulating - it excites me to further my journey in the arts and design. Thank you!

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