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Joshua Ziesel

Joshua Ziesel left a positive review 9/18/2017

A very thoughtful critique of how trans* individuals are often treated by medical professionals. Left me wanting to learn more about the subject!

David Powell

David Powell left a positive review 2/8/2017

Very informative and impressively politically neutral.

Bill Davis

Bill Davis left a review 3/23/2015

Take one very bright researcher who poses interesting positions about the overriding importance of culture (as opposed to institutions). Mix that with the very tedious, and unnecessary, reading of a paper with one brave interrupter in 40 minutes. What you get is a student audience - probably required to be there - which is bored to death. When Q&A finally arrived - the last 15 minutes - Professor Rose came alive and animated with direct responses to some difficult questions. Had the first 40 been like the last 15, this would have been a very worthwhile use of everyone's time. As it was . . . not so much.

Kirby Hall

Kirby Hall posted a photo 9/16/2014