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The home of the Wake Forest University School of Business, Farrell Hall, is designed to streamline and inspire scholarly work, collaboration and faculty-student interaction. The 130,000 square foot building, occupying four floors and surrounded by landscaped grounds, integrates state-of-the-art technology, flexible meeting and class rooms and dedicated social spaces. Elegant Georgian architecture encloses a stunning modern interior, connecting Wake Forest’s rich history to its cutting-edge future.

4PPC+HQ Winston-Salem, Winston, NC


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WFUSB Classes End (MSBA-Online)

WFUSB Classes End (MSBA-Online)

WFUSB Orientation Begins (MSM)

WFUSB Orientation Begins (MSM)

WFUSB Classes Begin (CEV, MSM)

WFUSB Classes Begin (CEV, MSM)

WFUSB Orientation Begins (MSBA-On Campus)

WFUSB Orientation Begins (MSBA-On Campus)

WFUSB Classes Begin (WEV, MSBA-On Campus)

WFUSB Classes Begin (WEV, MSBA-On Campus)


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Anna Serafini

Anna Serafini left a negative review 11/11/2019

I think that the event was run very poorly and should not have been held at Wake Forest University. Not only was there no room for students, the room used was too small, and there was not a registration available for students. It brought no worth to this campus as it was just a show of the outdated, good ole boys club that is politics today. Instead of opening up for questions, they were asked what type of music they liked. From a school that supposedly supports critical thinking, I found this to be very disapointing. This event could have been much more valuable, but the way it was run decreased its value immensley.

James Ford

James Ford left a review 11/11/2019

I was unable to get in, which was very disappointing since I inquired about the event two weeks before. It was difficult to understand why such a high profile event was held in such a small venue, but perhaps that was stipulated by the speakers.

Farrell Hall

Farrell Hall posted a photo 6/10/2019

Brandon Schmetterer

Brandon Schmetterer left a positive review 8/30/2017

Very informative. Panel speakers offered valuable insights in the finance world.

David Brooks

David Brooks left a positive review 4/18/2017

I thought having LTG Luckey on campus was great. I wish he had focused more on leadership and ethics. That would have been a great message for the undergrads to hear. left a positive review 4/18/2017

Informative. It offered several key perspectives on the attitudes that a leader should have as well as how to transition from a purely technical role to a generalized leadership role.

Tim Covey

Tim Covey left a positive review 9/15/2016

good intro talks with plenty of time for Q&A.

Marie Isaacs

Marie Isaacs left a positive review 4/6/2016

Very moving and inspirational

Tamara McLaughlin

Tamara McLaughlin left a positive review 4/5/2016

What an inspiring event - both to hear from Mr. Best himself about the beginnings of the organization and to hear from local teachers who are successfully finding ways to meet the needs of their students through posting projects on Donors Choose. I came away inspired to pursue more "humility and hustle," the core values that propelled Donors Choose so effectively in their mission to support teachers and champion public education.

Susan Langlitz

Susan Langlitz left a positive review 3/30/2016

Bill Powers was excellent! He presented a highly complicated, dense, philosophical topic in a relate-able, eloquent manner. He also made "ethical" behavior tangible and achievable for anyone who makes those choices on a day-to-day basis.