Dr. Stavroula Glezakos, associate professor of philosophy at Wake Forest University and Dr. Julie Tannenbaum, associate professor of philosophy at Pomona College will talk on “Consenting to Sex” via Zoom.

This talk is drawn from our book project, which examines the phenomenon of women who do not want to have sex, but who, without threat or coercion, nevertheless willingly go along with a man’s request for, or initiation of, sex. There is ample evidence that this type of encounter is common among both college and post-college aged women. According to some accounts of sexual consent, these are cases of sexual wrongdoing, because the man did not secure the woman’s consent for doing sexual activity X, either because she was not enthusiastic or because her agreement was not explicit or sufficiently unambiguous. The fact that women themselves describe these encounters as consensual has led us to take a closer look at these accounts of sexual consent, and to raise some concerns about them.

This Zoom talk requires preregistration. Please visit the following address to complete this easy process https://forms.gle/8sA4CjqoRkZtCLxP7.


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