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Facilitated by Dr. Anita McCauley

This workshop is designed for those leading the assessment of student learning for academic programs, such as department chairs and assessment and curriculum committee members. By the end of our time together, we hope that you:

  • better understand the process and purpose of student learning assessment,
  • feel more prepared to submit annual learning assessment reports such as the Academic Program Evaluation Report (APER) in the College, and 
  • develop ideas and strategies to make your program’s assessment plan more meaningful and sustainable. In particular, we will focus on having meaningful outcomes, aligned and manageable measures, and a plan for data collection, analysis, and interpretation.  

You will also have an opportunity to talk with colleagues to share assessment processes, consider strategies for common challenges, and discuss questions associated with conducting meaningful assessment that leads to learning improvement in your program.

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  • Megan Hobbs
  • Melissa Maffeo
  • Amanda Kaufman
  • Jessica Koehler

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