Sunday, February 11

Words, Music, Memory: Songs Commemorating the Holocaust

Commemoration is a process that involves witness, preservation, interpretation, and performance. This process calls upon human creativity, commitment,...

Spring Festival Celeration

This is CSSA's Spring Festival Celebration open to all students who are interested in Chinese culture. We will have Chinese students perform folk music,...

Women's Basketball vs  Virginia

Wake Forest Women's Basketball takes on Virginia!

Weekly Birding Meeting

Join the Wake Forest University Birding and Conservation Club for our Weekly Birding Meeting, a gathering that brings together bird enthusiasts,...

Sleepin' Deacon 2024

Sleepin’ Deacon is the Office of Wellbeing’s annual campus-wide initiative which focuses on sleep education and the promotion of healthy sleep habits. This...

Chipotle Night!

Have a meal with RA Delaney and connect with friends! This event is a great opportunity to take a study break and enjoy quality time together.

Superbowl Watch Party

Join RAs from Angelou and Collins to launch an epic Superbowl watch party with food and drinks provided! All Angelou and Collins residents and friends are...

Gameday 'n Wings

De-stress and watch the Super Bowl accompanied by some wings.

Sunday, February 11