Thursday, May 6

WFUSB Classes End (UG, MSA, MSM, WEV)

WFUSB Classes End (UG, MSA, MSM, WEV)

"Cross Pollination: Heade, Cole, Church, and Our Contemporary Movement"

"Cross Pollination" takes flight from the influential series of paintings The Gems of Brazil (1863-64) by Martin Johnson Heade but expands outward to explore...

Shifting into Mediterranean Nutrition

Have you heard of Mediterranean Nutrition but don’t quite know what it means? Are you unsure of how to eat more plant foods or how to make them into a...

The Uncertainty of the Times

The subject of the anxiety of our times explores how viewers interact with art and with each other during this time of global crises and pandemic. The...

Transparency: Art exhibit

Art exhibit curated by students in the "Living in color: The experience of minorities in the United States through art" first-year seminar

Introduction to Captioning: Make your videos more accessible and get your audience more engaged with captions

Captions offer time-synced text presentations of the audio content in videos, and are increasingly used by audiences across education, community outreach,...

Laser Cutter/Etcher Workshop

Join us at the WakerSpace for an introductory course where you'll learn how to use a Boss Laser cutter/etcher. You will receive safety training for the laser...

Last Day of Class Celebration

Come hang out at the McCreary Football Practice Facility for some food and fun on the last day of classes! University Athletics, Student Engagement and...

Club Tennis

Club Tennis meets on the Upper 8 Courts Monday-Thursday from 5PM-6:30PM.

WFCC Men's Group Bible Study

WFCC has historically facilitated Small Faith Sharing Groups for members of our organization, and of the larger Wake Forest community who are looking for an...

Women's Club Basketball Practice

Women's Club Basketball practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5PM-7PM on the Palmer Piccolo Courts.

The Inaugural Smiley Lecture: Dr. Michael L. Hughes, "Embracing Democracy in Modern Germany"

The lecture series was established in honor of longtime history professor David Smiley, who made a strong impression on generations of history students. This...

Virtual Event
Club Rugby

Club Rugby meets every Tuesday and Thursday on Poteat Field from 6PM-7PM.

Cultural Food Pop-Ups: Featuring Korean American Student Association

Join Student Union and the Korean American Student Association for a dish of Kimbap in celebration of Korean culture!

Club Baseball Practice

The baseball club meets Tuesdays 6PM-7:30PM and Thursdays 6:30PM-7:30PM on Water Tower Field 2.

Club Volleyball (Women's) practice

Please contact Betsy Lake ( if you are interested in joining the team or practice. Space is limited. Practice: Tuesdays 7p-9p Thurdsays...

A.S.I.A.'s Weekly Meeting

Come hangout with A.S.I.A. at our weekly meetings on Thursdays! We will be casually hanging out and planning events through Zoom!

Wake Forest University Men's Soccer vs University of Kentucky

Wake Forest University Men's Soccer vs University of Kentucky TV: NCAA Live Stream Streaming Video: ...

Thursday, May 6