Wednesday, March 31

How to Overcome Poor Nutrition in 2021 and Beyond

Is poor nutrition getting you down these days? Are you in a rut, feeling tired and bored with your food choices? Do you crave a change for the better?...

stArt.dt (Wake Downtown) Presents:  Presidential Scholars Group Exhibition

Origins is a retrospective group exhibition, of work by some of our Presidential Scholars of Distinguished Achievement in Visual Art: Melissa Cooney, Caitlyn...

Rowing team practice

Rowing practices Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays from 6:30a-8am. Please contact Danielle Farninella ( if you are interested in the...

"Cross Pollination: Heade, Cole, Church, and Our Contemporary Movement"

"Cross Pollination" takes flight from the influential series of paintings The Gems of Brazil (1863-64) by Martin Johnson Heade but expands outward to explore...

Shifting into Mediterranean Nutrition

Have you heard of Mediterranean Nutrition but don’t quite know what it means? Are you unsure of how to eat more plant foods or how to make them into a...

The Uncertainty of the Times

The subject of the anxiety of our times explores how viewers interact with art and with each other during this time of global crises and pandemic. The...

Ramadan Care Packages

MSA Exec Members, will create Ramadan Care Packages for all Muslim students, go to their respective dorm buildings, drop off their packages outside, and...

Winston Salem Evening Virtual MBA Meet-Up

Are you a working professional and considering an MBA from the Wake Forest School of Business? Meet with Kevin Bender, Executive Director of the Evening MBA...

Virtual Event
“Mental Health and Latinxs: A Culturally Sensitive Approach”

Virtual Guest Lecture by Dr. Mae Lynn Reyes-Rodríguez

Virtual Event
photo of Gregg Mozgala

Gregg Mozgala is an award winning writer, actor, dancer and activist. Gregg has Cerebral Palsy, and his theatre company, Apothete, is committed to the...

Virtual Event
21st Annual Hubert McNeill Poteat Lecture

Brad Jones (Dean of the Graduate School) and Michele Gillespie (Dean of the College) invite you to the 21st Annual Hubert McNeill Poteat Lecture. Dr. Alan...

Virtual Event
Club Soccer (Men's) Practice

Practice Wednesdays and Fridays: 4-5:30pm on Water Tower field If you would like to attend practice, please contact Timothy Swimmer ( as...

Ultimate Frisbee (Women's) Practice

Practice Mondays (3p-5p) and Wednesdays (4p-6p) on Poteat field. Please contact Lauren DeMarco ( if you are interested in attending...

Women's Club Soccer practice

Please contact McKenzie Frazier ( if you are interested in the team. Space is limited at practice Practice days and times:...

Club Ultimate Frisbee (Men's) Practice

Practices: Wednesdays - 4:15p-6p (Water Tower) Fridays - 4:15p-6p (Poteat) If you are interested in the team, please contact Nick Chihlas...

Men's Ultimate Club Practice

The Men's Ultimate Frisbee Club practices on Water Tower Field 2 on Monday's and Wednesday's from 4:15PM-6:00PM and on Fridays on Poteat Field from...

WFUSB Graduate Service Coalition, WFU Office of Sustainability, WFUSB Integrative Student Services, and WFUSB Center for the Study of Capitalism

They Say It Can’t Be Done is a documentary that explores how innovation can solve some of the world's thorniest problems. The film, which spotlights experts...

Virtual Event
Club Tennis practice

Please Caitlyn Margol ( if you are interested in attending practice, space is limited.

Connect & Cultivate in the Campus Garden

Connect & Cultivate is a one-hour weekday volunteer shift in the Campus Garden led by our Cultivation Leadership Team. Student leaders guide volunteers...

Freshman Small Group

This is a meeting for Catholic freshman to meet in a small group.

Radiant: Stories from Fukushima

Video-screening of an award-winning performance by Motoko Dworkin "Radiant," which portrays three mothers during the first five years after the nuclear power...

Virtual Event
TIPS Training Sessions

TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) is a skills-based training program designed to prevent unsafe intoxication, drunk driving, and underage drinking...

Wake Forest University Men's Tennis at UCF

Wake Forest University Men's Tennis at UCF Streaming Video:

Softball practice

Please contact Kayle Jordan ( if you are interested in joining the team. Practice schedule: Wednesdays/Thursdays 5:30p-6:30pm

Deacon Dining Appreciation- Writing Thank You Cards

The Black Student Alliance and student body are showing their appreciation to the Deacon Dining Staff by writing them personalized thank you cards.

The Future of International Relations: A Conversation with Four Star General David Petraeus

Four-Star General David Petraeus served many roles in the United States government. During the Obama Administration he was Director of the Central...

Ballroom Practice

Please contact Renate Ma ( if you would like to attend practice. Space is limited. Ballroom practices: Wednesday/Thursday - 7p-8p @ Lot L

Club Basketball (Mens)

Men's Club Basketball practices Mondays and Wednesdays from 9PM-11PM at the Palmer Piccolo Courts.

Wednesday, March 31