Monday, February 1

Pop Up Snacks on the Fireside at Manchester

Be out on the Fireside at Manchester for some tasty treats courtesy of Under the Oaks Catering

Dining Services Listening Sessions

These sessions will help us gain valuable feedback on our current dining services operations from various campus community members via a series of virtual...

How to Snack Smarter in 2021 and Beyond

Are you stress-snacking, eating & drinking more than usual these days? Is your weight going up to an uncomfortable level? Is too much work-related screen...

What's New In Zoom? Zoom Basics 2.0

Did you attend one of our Zoom Basics classes in 2020? Would you like a refresher in the new year? Are you a regular Zoom user who has noticed some small...

Black History Month Introductory Event

This introductory event is for students to understand the importance of why Black History is celebrated and what it means to be apart of African Amerian...

Winston-Salem Evening MBA Information Session - Webinar

Are you a working professional and considering an MBA from the Wake Forest School of Business? Join us for a WebEx webinar to learn why Wake Forest may be a...

Virtual Event

Monday, February 1