Monday, November 1

Spring registration for undergraduates Rounds I & II (11th and 12th weeks of the term)

Note: Please refer to the Registrar's Office for the officially approved undergraduate academic calendar. Dates listed here may be subject to change.

WFUSB Mini 2 Classes Begin (MBA-Online)

WFUSB Mini 2 Classes Begin (MBA-Online)

CLASS Peer Tutoring

CLASS provides online tutoring services for undergraduate WFU students who wish to improve their knowledge of course content for courses in which they are...

Introduction to Reynolda

Designed for lifelong learners who want to become acquainted with the history of Reynolda, this virtual class provides an exhilarating introduction to the...

Course Materials & Copyright

Chances are there’s a mix of content created by you and by others that you rely on for your teaching. Beyond textbooks, your course materials might include...

Connect & Cultivate in the Campus Garden

Connect & Cultivate is a weekday opportunity designed specifically to help students connect with one another and the environment. Trained student leaders...

IFC Cookout

This event will feature representatives from all 10 IFC chapters hosting a tabling session for first-years interested in Greek Life as they come to the...

Wesley Foundation First Year Small Group

First Year Bible Study led by upperclassmen! Please join us and feel free to bring your friends!

Monday, November 1