Sunday, September 6

Peer Tutoring Available Daily

The LAC-DS provides online tutoring services for undergraduate WFU students who wish to improve their knowledge of course content for courses in which they...

Campus Garden Volunteer Hours

Volunteer Hours @ The WFU Campus Garden 1141 Polo Road 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Come enjoy the garden! Rest in the grass in the shade of a pecan tree, visit the...

Sunday Evening Trail Run

Meet outside the OP Garage at 5pm and we will go run the xc trails. One lap is a mile feel free to join us for one or 3 laps! Register at

Episcopal Student Fellowship Sunday Worship Services

Episcopal Student Fellowship (ESF) would like to hold weekly worship services at 6pm on Sunday nights, beginning on Sunday, August 30th and recurring each...

Sunday, September 6