Friday, October 9

Small Group Training Session 1: Mobility and Flexibility

Mobility and flexibility training are an essential element of a balanced training schedule! Flexibility refers to muscular stretching, while mobility refers...

*Walk In* Student Flu Shot Clinic

All members of our community are required to get a flu shot by December 15, 2020 and will be required to submit proof to Student Health prior to returning to...

October Canvas Open Labs

The Canvas administrator and ITG Members will be hosting open labs to answer any of your Canvas questions. You must be signed in to Zoom with your WFU...

2nd International Virtual Colloquium “Re-thinking Marginalized Identities in Pandemics” (October 9th, 2020)

Wake Forest University and the Sant'Anna Institute have teamed up to offer the second International Virtual Colloquium on the topic of “Re-thinking...

Virtual Event
iLab 101: Cultural Foundations

iLab is an inclusion learning lab that offers interactive workshops and online resources designed to support faculty, staff, and students in increasing their...

Laser Cutter/Etcher VirtShop

Join us for an introductory course where you'll learn how to use a Boss Laser cutter/etcher. You will receive safety training for the laser as well as learn...

Club Archery practice

Please contact Will Zheng if you would like to attend practice, space is limited. The team practices Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4pm-5pm at Waterfall...

Men's Club Ulimtate Frisbee practice

Contact Nick Chihlas ( if you would like to attend practice. Space is limited!

ResilientWake Weekend Challenge- Sleep Habits

Feeling lonely? The ResilientWake Weekend Challenge will take place on select weekends from September 11 through December 3! Join us as we discuss ways to...

Women's Ultimate Frisbee practice

Please contact Lauren DeMarco ( if you are interested in attending practice. We practice on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from...

Campus Garden: Connect & Cultivate

Connect & Cultivate is a daily opportunity for students to meet in the WFU Campus Garden. Student leaders will guide participants in low-key garden...

Fiber Arts Club Weekly Meeting

If you enjoy knitting, crocheting, sewing, and other craft activities, join the Fiber Arts Club on Fridays from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm for weekly craft sessions...

Men's Soccer practice

Please contact Nat Shattock ( to reserve a space at practice. Practice size is limited.

No Greater Glory Living Learning Community Event

Join Professor Lather and Residence Life staff for conversation and to paint a clay pot for you to keep from WakerSpace!

Recreation GO

Join us on Manchester Plaza for recreational opportunities through the unstructured, voluntary use of outdoor, informal recreation equipment including...

Shabbat greetings in the Hillel Backyard

Join us in Hillel Backyard (behind Collins) each Friday from 5- 6 pm for Shabbat-on-the-Go Shabbat greetings in the Hillel Backyard.Meet other students.Play...

InterVarsity Multinational Small Group

We are a group of students who believe that who we are contributes to how we understand God! Each of us has something special and unique to contribute! Join...

Continuing Lessons from Hurricane Katrina Response and Recovery

Join us for a discussion on the lessons of Hurricane Katrina with James Perry and Dr. Stan Meiburg.

Virtual Event
Doubles Tennis League

IM Sports offering for Fall 2020; Register by 10/1

League of Legends eSports League

IM Sports offering for Fall 2020; Register by 9/17

Singles Tennis League

IM Sports offering for Fall 2020; Register by 10/1

Connected in the Deep, Round 1

Connected in the Deep: Round 1 - Three plays about love and friendship, presented as “radio plays” to stimulate the listener’s imagination, and provide an...

Virtual Event
Friday Films Series

Get excited...Friday Films Series are back. The film to start this series off will be Knives Out Trailer:...

Madden NFL 20 eSports League

IM Sports offering for Fall 2020; Register by 9/17

NBA 2k20 eSports League

IM Sports offering for Fall 2020; Register by 9/17

Friday, October 9