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Wednesday, July 3

Summer Session I Final Exams

Summer Session I 2020 Final Exams

WFUSB Classes End (UG, MSA)

WFUSB Classes End (UG, MSA)

A House Divided: Tri-Racial Tensions at Historic Bethabara

Founded by Moravian immigrants in 1753, Historic Bethabara is remembered as the first European village in what would become Forsyth County, North Carolina. ...

Exhibit: Horses and the Human Experience

Over thousands of years, humans and horses have developed a unique partnership. Horses rely on humans for care, feeding, and protection. Humans rely on...

Objects of Power: The Material Culture of Contested Memory

What do historical events mean to communities today? How can different interpretations of the past be reconciled? What role do objects play in piecing...

The Book as Art Object: Local Artists Share Their Work

Books are familiar tools for providing readers with emotional comfort, intellectual content, and soaring inspiration, but are and can be so much more--as...

Responsible Conduct of Research Education for Undergraduates

Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) for undergraduate students as required by the National Science Foundation. A two-hour workshop to...

Object of the Month: Dem Was Good Ole Times by Thomas Hovenden

Presented by curator Allison Slaby, go inside this sympathetic and complex print by Thomas Hovenden produced in the aftermath of the Civil War. This series...

Wednesday, July 3