Tuesday, May 28

Summer Session I Residence Hall Move-In

Summer Session I 2020 Residence Hall Move-In

WIN registration period for Summer Session 2019

WIN registration period for Summer Session 2019

 Paper Roads: Cultural Exchange in the Age of Print

Paper was born in China sometime before the first century C.E. Over the next 1500 years it spread through Asia and across the Silk Road to the Middle East...

Summer Session 1 Housing Check-In

Students who wish to live on campus for summer school will need to request housing through the Housing Portal. Rooms are assigned first-come, first-served...

Exhibit: Children's Holidays in Japan

Japan has several holidays to celebrate children including Doll’s Day (Girl’s Day) in March and Children’s Day (Boy’s Day) in May. This mini-exhibit, curated...

Exhibit: Horses and the Human Experience

Over thousands of years, humans and horses have developed a unique partnership. Horses rely on humans for care, feeding, and protection. Humans rely on...

Objects of Power: The Material Culture of Contested Memory

What do historical events mean to communities today? How can different interpretations of the past be reconciled? What role do objects play in piecing...

Tuesday, May 28