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Saturday, February 9

Exhibit: Horses and the Human Experience

Over thousands of years, humans and horses have developed a unique partnership. Horses rely on humans for care, feeding, and protection. Humans rely on...

Objects of Power: The Material Culture of Contested Memory

What do historical events mean to communities today? How can different interpretations of the past be reconciled? What role do objects play in piecing...

Judy Goldman Book Lecture

Judy Goldman speaks on how she came to write her new book, Together: A Memoir of a Marriage and a Medical Mishap

The Unbroken Circle Benefit Concert for The Shalom Project

Wake Forest's Multi-Generational String Band will take to the stage at the Byrum Welcome Center for its eight annual benefit concert for The Shalom Project

Wake Frost

Wake Frost is a FREE student-run bi-annual event for the entire campus community. Come join us for an evening of dancing, food, drinks, and even horse-drawn...

Saturday, February 9