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Monday, February 25

 Paper Roads: Cultural Exchange in the Age of Print

Paper was born in China sometime before the first century C.E. Over the next 1500 years it spread through Asia and across the Silk Road to the Middle East...

One-on-One Resume Review Sessions

Need the polish up your resume as you apply for jobs, grants, etc.? School of Divinity leadership development coordinators will be holding one-on-one resume...

Project-Based Learning: Motivations, Implementation, and Impacts

Keynote Address ZSR 404 (Auditorium) 3:30PM-4:15PM Richard Vaz, Director, Center for Project-Based Learning Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) In this...

Stop Motion Animation Workshop

Have you ever wanted to create a stop motion animation video? Join us at the WakerSpace and learn how. In this workshop you will gain a basic understanding...

Guest Speaker: Rob Slifkin speaking on Artist Clyfford Still

Rob Slifkin (Institute of Fine Arts, NYU) will be speaking on American Abstract Expressionist Artist, Clyfford Still.

A conversation with Christopher Demos-Brown, author of the Broadway play American Son

Demos-Brown will be giving a talk on "The Theatre Artist's Role"

Women's Forum Spring Panel: A Discussion of Community, Diversity, Inclusion, and Pro Humanitate

Pro Humanitate. For humanity—this is Wake Forest University’s motto, and it represents a commitment to using whatever resources we have to help make the...

C2C: Mentorship with Dr. Tina Dalton

A seated dinner with a moderated conversation provided by Dr. Tina Dalton Topic: Mentorship Should you need to inform us of dietary restrictions,...

Monday, February 25