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Saturday, May 12

2018 Student Art Exhibition

Monday-Friday 10am-5pm Saturday & Sunday 1-5pm The 2018 Student Art Exhibition will feature artwork by Wake Forest University undergraduate student artists...

WIN registration period for Summer Session 2018

WIN registration period for Summer Session 2018

Human Evolution: Hot Topics in Paleoanthropology

Our ancient ancestors first diverged from other primates around 7 million years ago. This student-curated exhibit features fossil models, images, and...

Japan through the Photographer's Lens

Japan is often seen as a high-tech society and an economic leader in industry and manufacturing. Though true, Japan is also a society that reflects on its...

Mother Goddess: Fertility Figures of the Ancient Mediterranean

Childbirth was a magical and religious act for ancient cultures of the Mediterranean. Necessary for life, but also dangerous, it was a time in women’s lives...

Stories of Humanity: Anthropology in North Carolina

Anthropology is the study of humans. It is a big topic, including everything from basic biology to complex cultures. The topic is so vast that...

Mother's Day Open House

In celebration of Mother’s Day, bring your mother to the Museum for the last chance to view our exhibit Mother Goddess: Fertility Figures from the Ancient...

Residence Halls Close for Non-Seniors

Closing information can be found at:

Saturday, May 12