Saturday, August 23

"The Art of Seating" Exhibition

Chairs share the rooms in which we live and work. These everyday objects hold our bodies in space while we sit or lounge, meeting design challenges and...

A Glimpse of Africa: Five Cultures from the Continent

This new student-curated long-term exhibit demonstrates the remarkable amount of cultural diversity found in Africa by providing an in-depth examination of...

The Yup'ik Way of Life: An Alaskan People in Transition

This student-curated exhibit features photographs of Alaska’s Yup’ik people, their environment, and resources by Greensboro native John Rucker. Taken between...

Winston-Salem Evening Spouse/Partner Orientation

Orientation for the Evening MBA Class of 2016 with their spouses or partners. Student panel followed by a reception in the Bern Beatty Colloquium.

Aloha #WFU18

Summer’s not over yet! Student Union is hosting a tropical luau, complete with a DJ, hula dancers, tiki torches, and Maui Wowi smoothies.

Saturday, August 23