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Monday, March 31

Fragments: Prints Inspired by the Classical Past from Wake Forest Collections

The classical tradition has come down to us in fragments, and that incomplete nature has allowed artists the opportunity to fill in and respond to what...

Mieke Gelley: Seeing What I Did Not Know

The work of Mieke Gelley displays the humble courage, piece by piece, to be tentative, provisional. When gathered or quietly grouped, the individual elements...


A week-long celebration that includes a variety of events which range from the Battle of the Bands, to a fun-filled concert on the Quad, to Shag on the Mag,...

Rent A Puppy

Students can rent a puppy for 5 dollars at 15 minute intervals. This event is co-sponsored by Forsyth Humane Society and all proceeds will go to the Forsyth...

Pro Humanitate From the Ground Up

A dialogue and celebration featuring Ratiu Democracy Award Recipient Dr. Angela Kocze and WFU Roosevelt Institute with introduction by Provost Rogan Kersh.

“Hajj in the Time of Cholera: Disease Vectors and the Pilgrimage to Mecca from Southeast Asia”

Performing the Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca, is incumbent upon every Muslim as one of five pillars of the faith. In colonial times, however, disease stalked...

Outdoor Coffeehouse Concert

As part of Springfest activities, 1-2 bands will perform on the Mag Quad for the enjoyment of the student body.

Monday, March 31