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Monday, March 24

Fragments: Prints Inspired by the Classical Past from Wake Forest Collections

The classical tradition has come down to us in fragments, and that incomplete nature has allowed artists the opportunity to fill in and respond to what...

Mieke Gelley: Seeing What I Did Not Know

The work of Mieke Gelley displays the humble courage, piece by piece, to be tentative, provisional. When gathered or quietly grouped, the individual elements...

Working Women at Wake

“Working Women at Wake” uses a common text as a springboard to explore the complex factors that shape women’s professional lives and identities.

Structuring and Assessing Group Work

We all inherently understand the importance of getting students to work together. Ideally, they learn more when working with their peers and gain important...

Judaism 101: Everything you've always wanted to know about Passover

Information and Discussion about the Jewish holiday of Passover.

Latin America Women Rising

Presentation and discussion by Joan Caivano (intereamerican Dialogue) and Dr. Jane Marcus-Delgado (CUNY Staten Island), sponsored by Latin American and...

Flag Rugby Tournament Informational Meeting & Registration

Interested team captains can learn more about the non-contact version of the game and register their teams for the tournament, which will be held on April...

Dana Trent - Saffron Cross: The Unlikely Story of how a Christian Minister Married a Hindu Monk

Dana Trent discusses her memoir – Saffron Cross: The Unlikely Story of how a Christian Minister Married a Hindu Monk. An intriguing love story of Dana, a...

Monday, March 24