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Saturday, August 31

Listen for the Carillon

Listen for the Carillon

Music, Arts & Entertainment

Listen from Hearn Plaza John Cage's Music for Carillon No. 2 and 3 Ryan Whittington ('14) and Raymond Ebert ('60).

Habitat for Humanity House

Habitat for Humanity House 8:00am


This year, WFU and WFBMC are once again cosponsoring a Habitat for Humanity House, and we are looking for volunteers to help us build it! No experience is...

"Things Wondrous & Humble: American Still Life" Exhibition Opens

"Things Wondrous & Humble: American... 9:30am

Visual Art, Arts & Entertainment / Reynolda House, Administrative

Explore both traditional and unexpected approaches to still life in this exhibition featuring some of the finest examples of still life from collections...

Reynolda House Museum of American Art  

Saturday, August 31