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Sunday, November 17

Headsup: Philip Morsberger Paintings

A strong spirit of the familial pervades Philip Morsberger’s work. The artist in many ways seems to have impishly conflated his own mythology and attendant...


Letterforming is a brief exploration of “how pictures became letters that became text, and are sometimes becoming pictures again.” It consists of a...

Wake Forest Men's Ultimate - Home Tournament

The Wake Forest Men's Ultimate team is hosting their 4th annual home tournament. Come out and enjoy high-level competitive ultimate played between teams...

"Things Wondrous & Humble: American Still Life" Exhibition Opens

Explore both traditional and unexpected approaches to still life in this exhibition featuring some of the finest examples of still life from collections...

Guru Nanak ev Sahib Birthday

Sikh Holy Day. Sikh honoring of the birth of the first Sikh teacher who lived from 1469 -1539 c.e.

Sunday, November 17