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Wingate Hall

Wingate Hall, attached to Wait Chapel, provides classroom space for the Department of Religion and the School of Divinity.

1834 Wake Forest Road Winston-Salem, NC 27106

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THIS IS A PAST EVENT. Wake Divinity Scholars Visit


THIS IS A PAST EVENT. Wake Divinity Scholars Visit




THIS IS A PAST EVENT. TIPS Training Sessions


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Maya McCoy

Maya McCoy left a positive review 9/15/2019

This was great! More classes like this are needed! I receuve great information!

Jasmine Evans

Jasmine Evans left a positive review 8/21/2018


Jasmine Evans

Jasmine Evans left a positive review 9/7/2018

This class was really insightful, full of information that I will be able to use now and in the future. The instructor was engaging and helped to provide new perception to budgeting and finance.

Porshe Chiles

Porshe Chiles left a positive review 3/14/2018

This space allowed for amazing dialogue around a difficult topic.

Judith Madera

Judith Madera left a positive review 9/19/2017

This was a meaningful, honest, and illuminating talk. I was pleased I had the opportunity to attend.

Michaiah Hinds

Michaiah Hinds left a positive review 11/9/2016

This was a great event, especially with the current news received. Dr. Andrews and Dr. Schade were very much on point in their conversations.

Steve Gardner

Steve Gardner left a positive review 9/22/2016


Kevin Deibert

Kevin Deibert left a positive review 4/21/2016

Very intelligible and relatable lecture.Veyr pertinent to my philosophy and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Dr. Audi is the master.

Jeffery Oliver

Jeffery Oliver left a positive review 3/29/2016

I was not able to attend, but another student informed me that there was a packet of information given out. Please let me know how I can obtain this packet of information. Thanks.
Jeffery Oliver

Wingate Hall

Wingate Hall posted a photo 8/6/2013