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Castra Non Casta: Women and the Roman Republican Army

Presentation by Classics Professor Dominic Machado

11/28 3pm
Relocating Andromeda: Greco-Roman Myth and Heroes in Roman Iudaea, Syria Palaestina, and Arabia

Colloquium event "Relocating Andromeda: Greco-Roman Myth and Heroes in Roman Iudaea, Syria Palaestina, and Arabia" presented by Professor Robyn Le Blanc from...

11/30 3:30pm
Philosophy Forum - Anja Jauernig

Anja, Jauernig, associate professor in philosophy at New York University, will speak on "Levels of Reality or How to be an Idealist and a Realist at the Same...

11/30 5pm
Annual Humanities Institute Interdisciplinary Faculty Seminars Spring Symposium

This annual symposium will include a roundtable discussion with current interdisciplinary faculty seminar participants as well as a talk from an invited...

5/3/2018 2pm

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Meredith Gay

Meredith Gay left a positive review 10/31/2016

Max, thank you for your time yesterday. Really enjoyed the presentation!

John M. Oksanish

John M. Oksanish left a positive review 4/30/2015

Good to hear from the new symposia; it was asked of the panelists what they thought the humanities/humanists had in particular to contribute to interdisciplinary conversations. It would be interesting to know what the scientists in the room felt about this. I thought the invited speaker's talk was fascinating and inspiring. There are practical as well as theoretical things I will adapt from the presentation to my own use.

Cindy OHagan

Cindy OHagan left a positive review 4/16/2015

On Thursday, April 16th there was a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new outdoor Little Free Library placed street-side in front of Tribble Hall at the benches. An old newspaper stand from WFU Surplus was recycled into a Little Free Library with some sanding, priming and new paint. Drive or stop by to check it out!

Myra Quinn

Myra Quinn left a positive review 3/24/2015

I'm so sorry but I was not feeling well and had to leave work early yesterday. I was so looking forward to it and regret that I wasn't able to be there. I hope you had a good turnout.

Gail Adams

Gail Adams posted a photo 2/9/2015

Pat Gardea

Pat Gardea left a positive review 10/29/2013

The film screening of Hairspray was wonderful. It was preceded by an informative introduction by Professor Woodrow Hood of the Film Studies program. He was able to share information about the screenplay and characters, which helped to get attendees excited about the upcoming theatrical performance of Hairspray in Nov.

Tribble Hall

Tribble Hall posted a photo 7/30/2013

Tribble Hall

Tribble Hall posted a photo 5/28/2013