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Student Chamber Concert I

We hope you will join us for a lovely afternoon of Chamber Music!

4/22 3pm
Student Chamber Concert II

Join us for an evening of Chamber Music!

4/23 7:30am
Gamelan & Chinese Ensemble Concert

Elizabeth Clendining and Jennifer Chang, directors. GAMELAN The Wake Forest University gamelan (percussion orchestra), Gamelan Giri Murti, performs...

4/24 7:30pm
Guest Artist Romilio Orellana, Chilean guitarist

Romilio Orellana was born in Santiago, Chile and studied guitar with Professor Ernesto Quezada, graduating with honours from the Faculty of Arts at the...

4/25 7:30pm

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Andrew Ettin

Andrew Ettin left a positive review 3/15/2018

The performance and lecture, including video excerpts of Mr. Van der Aa's work, were outstanding and provoked some of the most thoughtful questions I have ever heard from a lecture audience anywhere.

David Finn

David Finn posted a photo 11/11/2017

"Student Bodies"  are cast using packing tape from actual students, let loose to wander by Anna Pugh and Max Gordon. "Student Bodies" are cast using packing tape from actual students, let loose to wander by Anna Pugh and Max Gordon.

Mia Harris

Mia Harris posted a photo 10/2/2017

Anne Davenport

Anne Davenport left a review 4/6/2017

I love the play. I didn't like having the witches in the back of the room. Not everyone wore a mic and there were whole stretches that couldn't be heard.

Ghislaine Cardenas Posada

Ghislaine Cardenas Posada left a positive review 11/17/2016


Zhaoyi Wang

Zhaoyi Wang left a positive review 11/18/2016

The music was awesome! Even not a jazz fan before, really enjoyed it.

Sharon Anderson

Sharon Anderson left a positive review 4/24/2016

I enjoyed the talent of both the Reagan High School Wind Ensemble and the Wake Forest Wind Ensemble. Having the composer of the majority of the works present was an exceptional treat. It isn't often that the musicians are able to connect with the composer and even more rare for the audience. I especially enjoyed the tuba solo and then Anthony O'Toole joining the stage as a percussionist in the finale.

Dwight Lewis

Dwight Lewis left a positive review 4/6/2016

Great play ... the actors did a good job displaying the difficult social/personal issues many people face today. I really enjoyed it. I think James Ward is a Star in the making.

James Norris

James Norris left a positive review 1/31/2016

They are very talented

Cassiel Smith

Cassiel Smith left a positive review 1/17/2016

GospelFest was amazing! Jonathan McReynolds did a great job, both with the small discussion group and during his concert.