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Saturday, February 1

Motherwell: product. placement.

This exhibition will focus on the collages and collage-prints of Robert Motherwell which employ the material and visual elements of product packaging and...

Cultures, Contexts, & Collectors

Every object has a story. Their stories become entwined with people as they are bought, sold, forgotten, found, or passed along. The objects in this exhibit...

Outbreak: Epidemics in a Connected World

Our world is connected more than ever before by global travel and trade, by technology—and by our microbes. Explore the connections between human, animal,...

Real • Symbolic • Imaginary

The students of Professor LeighAnn Hallberg's Fall 2019 Intermediate Drawing Class have created works responding to Post-Structuralist Jacques Lacan’s...

Un-Writing World History

Artifacts, the objects humans make and use, are important sources for better understanding world history. Every person who ever lived has used objects, and...

Wake Men's Basketball vs Clemson

Student admission is free and Wake Line shuttles for LJVM Coliseum leave from Lot P one hour prior to tip off!

aWake All Night

A carnival in Benson filled with games, novelties, attractions, and food!

Saturday, February 1