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Tuesday, July 17

Accounts Payable: Final invoices, employee travel, expense reports, and expenditure vouchers due by 5 PM (accrual will be posted in the 2nd close)

Key Dates for Fiscal 2018 Close - Second Departmental Close

July 1st Pcard statement accrual recorded

Key Dates for Fiscal 2018 Close - Second Departmental Close

The Art of Documentation: From Research to Publication

Wake Forest University faculty have research responsibilities beyond the classroom. This exhibit will provide an introduction to the wide range of WFU...

HR 103: Initiate Employee Job Changes in Workday

In this class, participants will learn and practice the various job changes that impact employee status at WFU. Topics covered include: promotion title...

Human Evolution: Hot Topics in Paleoanthropology

Our ancient ancestors first diverged from other primates around 7 million years ago. This student-curated exhibit features fossil models, images, and...

Japan through the Photographer's Lens

Japan is often seen as a high-tech society and an economic leader in industry and manufacturing. Though true, Japan is also a society that reflects on its...

Stories of Humanity: Anthropology in North Carolina

Anthropology is the study of humans. It is a big topic, including everything from basic biology to complex cultures. The topic is so vast that...

West Mexican Shaft Tomb Ceramics

This exhibit, based on WFU student honors thesis research, explores artifacts left behind by a mysterious civilization that constructed massive cities and...

FIN 104: Reimbursements in Workday

In this class participants will learn the following concerning reimbursements transactions in Workday: create an expense report request a spend...

Deacon Discussion: A Leadership Conversation with Steve Boland of Bank of America

An intimate conversation with Bank of America executive Steve Boland at Wake Forest Charlotte Center.

Tuesday, July 17