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Tuesday, August 1

PCard Statement Closing Date

PCard Statement Closing Date

General / Administrative, Financial and Accounting Services

This is the date each month that the PCard Statement date range closes. PCard holders should prepare statements if not already complete, and have them...

Professor Deacon's Cultural Cabinet

Professor Deacon's Cultural Cabinet 10am

Exhibit, Next Week at Wake / Administrative, Museum of Anthropology

What does a culture look like? Are the ideals, behaviors, symbols, and celebrations that comprise a culture truly unique, or do they share things in...

Museum of Anthropology  
Article Discussion:  What Great Listeners Actually Do (Communication)

Article Discussion: What Great Listeners... 10:30am

Training & Professional Development / Administrative, Professional Development Center

What are the key traits of good listening? This article digs into that question and confronts some of the more standard responses. Join our group as we...

Reynolda Hall, 301  
2017 Faculty and Staff Windows Computer Exchange and Training

2017 Faculty and Staff Windows Computer... 3:15pm

Training & Professional Development / Administrative, Information Systems, Professional Development Center

Please read very carefully. Pick up your new computer and attend a brief class introducing you to your new hardware, Windows 10, CrashPlan (the...

Z. Smith Reynolds Library, 204  

Tuesday, August 1