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Wednesday, June 7

Caring For Our Collections: A Day in the Life of a Preservation Librarian

This exhibit focuses on the work of a Preservation Librarian, Craig Fansler, who has worked in ZSR Library for 22 years. Craig cares for and provides...

Professor Deacon's Cultural Cabinet

What does a culture look like? Are the ideals, behaviors, symbols, and celebrations that comprise a culture truly unique, or do they share things in...

Object of the Month: "The Negro and Reynolda"

Director of Public Programs, Chris Jordan, will give a lecture on this photo album, The Negro and Reynolda, from Reynolda's estate archives.

Table at Tate's

Are you a working professional and considering an MBA from the Wake Forest School of Business? Meet with Kevin Bender, Executive Director of the Evening MBA...

Wednesday, June 7