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As a thriving center of Wake Forest campus life, the Benson University Center is a uniquely designed community-oriented building whose form follows its function. Located at the heart of campus between Reynolda and Tribble halls, BUC offers a variety of informal places to eat, socialize and study, as well as a copy center, ticket office, and reservable meeting spaces.

1834 Wake Forest Road Winston-Salem, NC 27106




Mon-Fri: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.




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TechX provides an excellent opportunity for members of our campus community to showcase how technology is being leveraged in teaching, learning, research,...

2/25 12pm
Black Queer & Brilliant: A Black Queer Community Space for Black Queer Folk @ WFU

The LGBTQ+ Center will be hosting an intimate community space for Black LGBTQ+ identified folks at WFU. All Black LGBTQ+ identified folks are invited to...

2/25 5pm
D.E.A.C. Allies: Lgbtq+ 101

D.E.A.C. (Developing Empowering and Affirming Communities) Allies is a workshop series designed to build participants' knowledge and skills through a...

2/26 9am
Suicide Prevention Training

Developed by the Syracuse University Counseling Center, Campus Connect is a gatekeeper training program for college and university faculty, staff, and...

2/26 3pm
iLab 103 (previously GateKeepers 3):  Barriers to Inclusion

While iLab 101 and 102 help participants focus on developing cultural self-awareness and understanding their own identities and cultural learnings, iLab 103...

2/28 10am

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THIS IS A PAST EVENT. Student Hiring: Open Labs





THIS IS A PAST EVENT. Business Administrators Forum


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Alison Ashe-Card

Alison Ashe-Card left a positive review 2/11/2020

Attorney Crump was very inspirational.

Richella Allen

Richella Allen left a positive review 2/11/2020

I really enjoyed the conversation, I learned so much about the court system and the high-profiled cases that has been in the media. I left the evening with a better understanding of the inequalities that still exist in America.

Xzavier Hawkins

Xzavier Hawkins left a positive review 2/11/2020

It was great!

Karin Reese

Karin Reese left a positive review 12/4/2019

I've never poured libations or seen the ceremony performed before. I was grateful for the opportunity to experience a grounding tradition that honored the lineage and character of my history and ancestry, that was inclusive to all beliefs, and that allowed me the space to remember and value the people who have made me who I am and brought me to this place. Dr. Sampson was dynamic and powerful in leading the session as well as warm and welcoming both in her explanations of the significance and meaning of practices performed during the service and in our conversation afterward. Thank you for providing ways to explore and expand my spiritual awareness!

Richella Allen

Richella Allen left a positive review 12/4/2019

I really enjoyed the event and meeting some faculty and students, I learned good practices of spiritual well being.

Matthew Gentry

Matthew Gentry left a review 10/24/2019

The movie itself wasn't very well thought out, but the movie watching experience was great! The film started out in the usual horror movie fashion, and mid-way through the intensity was really building while still giving a comedic break from time to time, but the story unravelled during the final scenes. The whole of the film was supposed to be brought into focus by the end, but all of the sudden the plot started becoming riddled with holes. I would still give the film a 6 out of 10 because Peele still hit the mark on the intensity, and the casting was well done, but ultimately the film fizzled out in the end.

Benson University Center

Benson University Center posted a photo 9/26/2019

Joy Gambill

Joy Gambill left a positive review 3/27/2019

Thank you for bringing this film to WFU! It was interesting and informative. Having the opportunity to talk with the director of the film after the viewing made it especially poignant. I believe it spoke to everyone who has experienced living in cultures outside of their own.

Virginia Perry

Virginia Perry left a positive review 9/5/2018

Jennifer Burg

Jennifer Burg left a positive review 8/2/2018

Very informative. Good answers to questions. Made me excited about the new WebEx. Great job!